We are honoured to operate on the lands and waters of the Sm’algyax speaking Ts’msyen people. Working with Indigenous communities to develop meaningful relationships, we are taking steps to ensure our joint values are reflected in a shared vision for the future.  

The Port of Prince Rupert moved 23.5 million tonnes of cargo in 2023, five percent less than the previous year, marking a third consecutive year of volume decline, most evident in the Port’s intermodal container business. This reflects challenges of shifting global shipping routes, soft demand for imports, and competition with other North American trade gateways for discretionary cargo. In a business that measures success in terms of volume, this is troubling. When volumes decline at the Port of Prince Rupert, we know that there is a direct impact both on the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s results and on the economy locally, throughout northern BC, the province, and Canada as a whole.   

This challenge continues to motivate our team. As we’ve said before, our goal is to build a diverse port complex that can weather the natural market fluctuations of the trade that flows through it. Despite a decline in volumes, significant milestones were reached in 2023 that support the evolution of the trade gateway to become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable in the near and long-term.     

Construction began on CANXPORT (formerly the Ridley Island Export Logistics Project), an innovative large-scale facility that will provide rail-to-container transloading of multiple export products. The $750 million project will deliver critical trade infrastructure that will improve supply chain resiliency, strategic market access, and enhanced competitiveness for Canadian exports.  

The Ridley Energy Export Facility, a joint venture between AltaGas and Vopak, executed a long-term lease on a 190-acre site administered by PRPA.  The terminal will develop infrastructure that can provide over 7 million tonnes of capacity for a variety of liquid bulk cargoes, including lower-carbon energy sources such as propane, butane, and methanol.  Early works began on the bulk liquid storage and export facility in Q4 2023 in anticipation of the Final Investment Decision in Q2 2024.  

Cruise terminal operator Global Ports Holdings (GPH) marked its first year managing cruise operations with strong passenger volumes. GPH continued to work with PRPA, local businesses, and cruise lines to grow passenger volumes over the next several years, while ensuring the infrastructure and amenities are in place to support a significant increase in cruise visitors.   

None of this progress would have been possible if it were not for the skills and dedication of the people working in the gateway industry. Their efforts continue to solidify Prince Rupert as one of the most productive and innovative gateways in North America and we thank them for their ongoing contributions to enabling trade.    

We encourage you to read on for a more detailed review of our 2023 activities.   


Shaun Stevenson President & CEO
Frans Tjallingii Board Chair
Board of Directors
Frans Tjallingii John Farrell Beverley Clifton Percival
Peter Lantin Rita Andreone Kenneth Clayton* term ended May 2023


The Prince Rupert Advantage

Prince Rupert has a magnified impact on global trade for a community of 12,000 people. The reasons for this start with the geography of our harbour and its natural advantages. When connecting North America to the Asia Pacific, no other port can match Prince Rupert.

Perfect position

Prince Rupert is 1-2 days closer to Asia than any other West Coast port. That means less fuel, less risk, and more reliable performance.

Direct Access

Following a shorter transit across the Pacific Ocean, commercial vessels and their cargoes enjoy safe, efficient access to Prince Rupert's world-class terminals.

Room to Grow

Prince Rupert is home to the deepest natural harbour in North America and is among the deepest in the world. It remains ice-free year-round. Combined with direct access to trans-Pacific shipping lanes, we have room to safely manage growth.

Efficient Reach

CN's rail network offers premium reach into North America’s resource economies and consumer markets, while on the flattest available grade through the Rockies.

Building on those advantages, the Port of Prince Rupert and its partners have created a track record of excellence in Trade, Community Impact, Safety, and Sustainability.



Decline in port-wide volume to 23.5 million tonnes


Increase in total LPG export volumes


Increase in total coal export volumes


Decrease in wood pellet export volumes


Increase in bulk grain export volumes


Decrease in container volume handled at Fairview Terminal


Increase in cruise passenger volumes over 2022

Export logistics project construction

PRPA began construction on CANXPORT, formerly the Ridley Island Export Logistics Project, in Q4 2023, following site clearing that was initiated in Q1. The innovative large-scale facility will help grow container traffic at Fairview Terminal rail-to-container transloading of multiple agricultural, forestry, and plastic resin products. Ray-Mont Logistics will develop and operate the site’s transload facilities that will provide 400,000 TEUs of annual capacity and will commence operations in Q3 2026. The $750 million in capital investment for the project is being provided by PRPA, Ray-Mont Logistics, CN, the Government of Canada, and the Government of BC, including $64.8 million from the National Trade Corridors Fund and $25 million from the province’s Stronger BC program.

Ridley Energy Export Facility early works

The Ridley Island Energy Export Facility (REEF) executed a long-term lease on a 190-acre site administered by PRPA at the end of 2022. A joint venture between AltaGas and Vopak, the REEF project will develop infrastructure to provide over 7 million tonnes of capacity for a variety of liquid bulk products, such as propane, butane, and methanol. Following permit authorization granted by PRPA, early works began on the bulk liquid storage and export facility in Q4 2023 in anticipation of the positive Final Investment Decision, reached in May 2024.    

Integrated Marketplace expands to Prince Rupert

The Integrated Marketplace expanded to the Port of Prince Rupert in April 2023. The Government of B.C. initiative matches industry partners and stakeholders with local innovators to develop creative solutions that optimize supply chains. The Integrated Marketplace will allow the Port to source and test innovative technology solutions that reduce greenhouses gases, increase productivity, and improve safety.

PRPA invests in new ILWU Union Hall

Construction began on the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s new local Union Hall in 2023. Located in downtown Prince Rupert, the development replaces a century-old hall with a state-of-the-art, three-story building to support the current and future waterfront workforce. PRPA, the BC Maritime Employers Association, and DP World Prince Rupert contributed $2.6 million to the project.

Reimagined Port Interpretive Centre

PRPA’s redesigned Port Interpretive Centre opened in September 2023 with new exhibits and interactive displays that showcase the trade gateway. The refreshed space highlights the supply chains that flow through the Port of Prince Rupert, the evolving port ecosystem, and the people that support its operations. Due to the six-month renovation period, total visitor numbers to the Centre dropped significantly in 2023. However, since reopening, the facility has hosted numerous tours and public events.


Building Economic Prosperity

Natural attributes paired with industry-leading innovation and efficiency have translated into years of solid performance for Prince Rupert—and the promise for much more in the years to come.

$60 billion

$60 billion in annual trade move through the port *based on 2022 data

$1.4 billion

$1.4 billion in economic activity generated in northern British Columbia

3,300 direct jobs

3,300 direct jobs in port-related businesses

$340 million

$340 million in direct wages

$142 million

$142 million in government revenues, including $12.4 million for local governments in 2023

Container volumes decline

In 2023, intermodal volumes handled by DP World Prince Rupert Fairview Container Terminal dropped 32 per cent year-over-year. The decrease was due to a broader decline in North American intermodal imports and strong competition on transpacific trade routes. Terminal performance was also impacted by labour action that halted operations for 13 days in July 2023.

Strong demand for LPG exports

Demand for western Canadian energy products was strong in 2023, with total LPG exports through the Prince Rupert Gateway rising 8 per cent over 2022. AltaGas’ Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal set a record, shipping nearly two million tonnes, while Pembina’s Watson Island LPG Bulk Terminal exported close to 494,000 tonnes.

Total shipments of dry bulk cargoes rise

Prince Rupert Grain Terminal moved nearly 3.6 million tonnes of western Canadian agricultural products in 2023, an 11 per cent rise year-over-year.  Trigon Pacific Terminals saw a 24 per cent jump in exports of dry bulk products moving 8.8 million tonnes, including 5.4 million tonnes of metallurgical coal. Drax’s Westview Wood Pellet Terminal shipped 1.3 million tonnes of biofuels to markets in Europe and Asia.

Cruise passenger volumes nearly double

Cruise passenger volumes nearly doubled year-over-year, with 81,327 passengers transiting through the Port of Prince Rupert in 2023. It marked the first year that cruise terminal operations, scheduling, passenger services, and shore excursions were managed by Global Ports Holding – the world’s largest independent cruise port operator. PRPA also partnered with Tourism Prince Rupert to develop the colourful Lax Süülda Container Market adjacent to Northland Cruise Terminal, to enhance the visitor experience and provide a place for local vendors to sell their products.


Operational Excellence

A coordinated effort between the Prince Rupert Port Authority and its many partners ensures management over every vessel, ensuring round-the-clock safeguards. The result has been the evolution of a global reputation for navigational safety. As the number of vessels calling on the Port continues to grow, maintaining that reputation continues to be a top priority.

424 vessel calls

An increase of 8.4% from 2022

1,149 hours

1,149 hours of coverage by Harbour Patrol vessels, down 35% from 2022


11 local mariners equipped with Class B AIS Units in 2023, down 8% from 2022


81 local mariners equipped with Class B AIS Units since 2017


6 vessel anchor drags in 2023, down 82% from 2020

Improving navigational awareness

Several new digital monitoring devices were added in 2023 to improve real-time visibility around PRPA’s jurisdictional waters. A fourth wind, wave, and temperature data sensor was installed off Charles Point and cameras were added to all four MarineLabs sensors, enabling greater situational awareness for PRPA’s Marine Operations and Port Security Operations teams, BC Coast Pilots, captains of commercial vessels, and other mariners in the North Coast region.

Marine bunkering training

In collaboration with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA), PRPA’s Marine Operations team attended marine fuel bunkering familiarization sessions in June 2023. PRPA’s Patrol Vessel captains partnered with VFPA counterparts to observe their approach and procedures related to the oversight of bunkering operations. PRPA team members participated in multiple interfaces, gaining valuable experience in preparation for the successful start-up of bunkering operations in Prince Rupert.

Emergency spill training

PRPA collaborated with Wolverine Terminals and Western Canada Marine Response Corporation in June 2023 for emergency spill training as part of their joint preparations for marine fuel bunkering operations. The exercise included a full-scale boom deployment at Wolverine’s berth to practice procedural response and communication. Participants worked together to deploy 1000 feet of boom, and fully surround Wolverine’s facility.

International Security Survey

PRPA hosted Transport Canada and U.S. Coast Guard representatives in September 2023 as part of the voluntary International Port Security Performance Survey. The goal of the survey is to assess and strengthen the security of supply chains. The delegates reviewed the Port of Prince Rupert’s security systems and capabilities, and shared appreciation for PRPA’s participation in the program.

Fewer incidents in high winds

The Port of Prince Rupert continued to see a downward trend in anchor drag incidents, with six in 2023 – an 82 per cent decrease from 2020. This steep decline is owed to additional safety measures enacted by PRPA in 2021, such as the heavy ballast protocols during high winds. PRPA is continually seeking ways to prevent incidents by assessing policies, procedures, and investments that can effectively mitigate risk, while also monitoring, preparing, and practicing timely response.

Joint emergency fire training

In June 2023, PRPA partnered with the Prince Rupert Fire Department, Canadian Coast Guard, SAAM Towage, and Seaspan to conduct a coordinated response to a simulated vessel fire at Northland Terminal. Firefighters organized water suppression from both land and aboard PRPA’s patrol vessel, AMWAAL, which is equipped with firefighting capabilities. Coast Guard personnel simulated the water rescue of on-scene casualties.


Responsible Growth

One trade we'll never make: exchanging our future for short-term gain. Our current success is rooted in decades of ambitious yet practical planning and is reflected in the careful consideration we apply to every project and program we activate. The result is a growing gateway that supports an extensive workforce, abundant opportunities, and a robust regime of environmental safeguards. A more comprehensive overview of PRPA’s activities and environmental performance will be available in our 2023 Sustainability Report, coming later in 2024.

4.67 kg CO2e/tonne

GHG intensity at inventory boundary

14% NOx

Increase in NOx intensity (kg/t) within PRPA jurisdiction since 2010

-66% PM2.5

Decrease in PM2.5 intensity within PRPA jurisdiction since 2010

-92% in SOx

Decrease in SOx intensity within PRPA jurisdiction since 2010


Percentage of unique vessels qualifying for Green Wave program


Percentage of total vessel calls qualifying for Green Wave Program

88.2 kg

GHG emissions avoided through use of shore power

West Coast Green Shipping Corridor

PRPA signed the Global Memorandum of Understanding on Multi-Port Multi-Jurisdiction Green Shipping Corridors at COP28 in Dubai to establish the West Coast Green Shipping Corridor. The Corridor will connect Edmonton and Prince Rupert to ports in Asia and the Middle East. Signatories are committed to collaborating on accelerating electrification, increasing the availability of alternative fuels and refueling infrastructure, and proactively integrating other elements of sustainability such as waste management and marine mammal protection.

Repeat recipients for Green Wave Award

Container shipping line COSCO, liquefied gas shipping line Navigator Gas LLC, and coastal passenger and vehicle transportation service BC Ferries are the recipients of the 2023 Green Wave Award. They were recognized for their outstanding participation in PRPA’s environmental incentive program, which provides reduced harbour fees for vessel owners who voluntarily use technology to mitigate the impact of their vessels on the environment. Since Green Wave’s inception, 540 vessels have qualified for the program through the RightShip Greenhouse Gas Emissions rating. As a result, nearly 615,200 tonnes of GHG emissions were avoided in the local airshed, which is equivalent to removing 12,960 passenger vehicles from the road. These results contribute to PRPA’s goal of reducing carbon intensity at the Port by a further 30 percent by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.

Environmental certification

In 2023, PRPA was recertified by Green Marine, the world’s leading certification program aimed at advancing environmental excellence in the marine sector. A participant since 2010, PRPA’s scores for the program’s seven performance indicators are among the highest of any North American port and reflect its commitment to continuous improvement. PRPA was also recertified by Climate Smart, a verification program that calculates an organization’s carbon footprint. PRPA has been carbon neutral since 2015, through enacting numerous greenhouse gas reduction initiatives and offsetting remaining emissions.

Quiet Vessel Initiative

In November 2023, PRPA hosted an underwater noise workshop, involving more than 60 people representing 23 different groups. The two-day event was organized by the Port Environmental Stewardship Committee and Port of Prince Rupert Marine Mammal Program, with funding from Transport Canada and the Quiet Vessels Initiative. The sessions provided an opportunity to learn, share ideas, and collaborate in reducing noise pollution generated by vessels around the North Coast and beyond.

Marine mammal protection

The Ocean Wise Sighting Network, which receives support from the Port of Prince Rupert, saw greater engagement in 2023. There was a three-fold increase in warnings sent to mariners around the North Coast through the WhaleReport Alert System, providing ships’ captains with details on the approximate location of marine mammals and helping them change their vessels’ course. These notices were partly informed by the 1,410 citizen sightings submitted from around the region through the WhaleReport App in 2023, a 26% rise year-over-year. The data collected helps inform the North Coast Cetacean Research Initiative, a program led by Ocean Wise with funding and operational support from PRPA.


Commitment to Community

The success of our trade gateway results in continuous improvements to the health and cohesion of northwest British Columbia. We take pride in ensuring our operations reflect local values and that a significant portion of our resources are allocated back into our communities. To achieve this, we have created programs and initiatives that keep residents informed about port activities and provide funding and support to local organizations and projects that contribute to long-term community vitality.

$18.9 million

$18.9 million committed to the Community Investment Fund since its inception

$1.2 million

$1.2 million invested into 11 completed Community Investment Fund projects in 2023


$9,000 to support youth through Rising Tide & another $10,000 for Voyage to Excellence


Visitors to the Port Interpretive Centre


282 youth fed daily in Prince Rupert Schools through Breakfast Club of Canada


2,623 books mailed to children in Prince Rupert through Dolly Parton’s imagination Library


68 Individual grant applications approved by KidSport Prince Rupert

Kitsumkalum First Nation Relationship Agreement

In February 2023, PRPA and Kitsumkalum First Nation signed a Relationship Agreement that will govern how the two organizations work together. It was ratified at a ceremony on Kitsumkalum Laxyuup (territory), which was attended by Kitsumkalum elected leadership, Simoogits and Sigidmhana’nax (hereditary leadership), community members, as well as PRPA’s Board of Directors and Executive. The agreement is founded on the shared principles of mutual understanding and openness, respect, trust, commitment, building the economy, and stewarding the environment.

Decade-long partnership with Rupert Rampage

2023 marked a decade of partnership between PRPA and the Rupert Rampage - the Central Interior Hockey League’s local Prince Rupert team. As the Rampage’s title sponsor, PRPA has worked with the team to support literacy initiatives, raise funds for local healthcare, and help with numerous community events. During the 2023-2024 season, PRPA organized events at home games to benefit multiple local non-profits, including the Prince Rupert Salvation Army, Change Makers’ Education Society, and others.

Emergency infrastructure funding

The City of Prince Rupert received $65 million from the Government of BC to help fund replacement of the community’s aging water distribution and sewer systems. The network suffered numerous failures in 2022 and 2023, creating concern about its short and long-term viability. PRPA played a significant role in advocating with both the provincial and federal governments for resources to replace the aging system.

Exploring career options at the Port

For the first time since the pandemic, PRPA, Prince Rupert Rotary Club, and Community Futures hosted ‘Adventures in Industry’ – a program offering high school students a behind-the-scenes look at port operations. Over three days in May 2023, a group of teens from across Northern BC toured various port-related industries, to learn firsthand about the wide range of career opportunities at the trade gateway and the skills needed to fill those roles.

Providing healthy meals in local schools

PRPA continued its support for the Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC), helping to provide nutritious meals for students at every public school in Prince Rupert. An average of 282 students are fed by BCC each day in School District 52. To celebrate the ongoing partnership, PRPA staff once again helped organize district-wide ‘Power Up’ breakfasts, and assisted in serving pancakes at every public school in the community in 2023.

Leveling the playing field

Demand for KidSport Prince Rupert’s assistance grew 58 per cent in the volunteer group’s second year as an independent chapter. The local arm of the nationwide non-profit, which helps youth take part in organized sports, was established with support from PRPA. With PRPA’s ongoing support, KidSport Prince Rupert extended its impact in 2023, providing 68 grants to local families.

Fostering a love of reading

Prince Rupert families received a greater number of books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in 2023. The free book-gifting program is presented in partnership with North Coast Literacy Now and is open to all local children aged five and under. In 2023, 2,623 specially selected, age-appropriate books were delivered to Prince Rupert families through the Imagination Library, to help their little ones develop an early love of reading. This literacy program is supported through PRPA.

Earth Day in Seal Cove

PRPA teamed up with the City of Prince Rupert and the North Coast Ecology Centre Society to host a Community Earth Day Celebration at the revitalized Seal Cove Salt Marsh. The second annual event included performances by the Gitmaxmak’ay Nisga’a Dancers. Local groups, including Ocean Wise, Prince Rupert Special Events, North Coast Mountain Bike Association, and many others provided free hands-on activities for attendees of all ages.

Connecting with youth on World Oceans Day

PRPA’s Environmental Sustainability team visited Pineridge Elementary School for World Oceans Day to share a lesson on nudibranchs. After providing an overview of the mollusks, staff joined the students in a virtual presentation with biologists from the Vancouver Aquarium. Meanwhile, PRPA’s Harbour Patrol helped students from Pacific Coast School mark the worldwide day of action by taking them on a marine tour and offering insight into Port operations from the water.

PRPA presence at community events

Continuing the momentum from 2022 coming out of the pandemic, PRPA participated in numerous community events in 2023. Team members from across the organization helped staff PRPA’s booth at the All-Native Basketball Tournament. PRPA was also directly involved in Seafest, Indigenous Peoples Day, Day of the Seafarer, Friendship House Block Party, Winterfest, and several other public events and celebrations in northwest B.C..

Metlakatla Wilderness Trail & Outdoor Sports Court

Metlakatla First Nation celebrated the completion of two major recreational assets in 2023, both supported by PRPA’s Community Investment Fund. After a significant restoration, the Metlakatla Wilderness Trail reopened in May 2023, repairing damage caused by a storm more than five years prior. In October, the Nation opened its new Outdoor Sports Court, which is designed to provide 24/7 access for community members to play a variety of sports and games. PRPA’s Community Investment Fund committed $304,890 to this pair of projects.

Friendship House upgrades

The Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert made significant upgrades to the interior and exterior of its facility with $155,000 in support from PRPA’s Community Investment Fund. A new Food Service Room and connecting patio were added to complement the existing Community Kitchen, which was installed through a prior project with PRPA. Outdoors, the Friendship House preschool’s playground area was overhauled to create an enhanced play space. These additions make the facility safer, more efficient, and more accessible.

Improved access to surgical care

PRPA partnered with Northern Health to support its Surgical Equipment Optimization Program at the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital. Through a $60,000 commitment from the Community Investment Fund, the regional health authority purchased a new state-of-the-art laparoscopic surgical tower. The new tower is used in minimally invasive surgeries and enables specialists to perform various procedures on patients without requiring large incisions. The tower also produces, displays, and records high-quality digital images that help reduce surgical complications.

Salvation Army community kitchen revitalization

The Prince Rupert Salvation Army revitalized its community kitchen through a partnership with PRPA’s Community Investment Fund. The kitchen was updated to commercial standards with new refrigeration and dry storage, equipment, and supplies. These upgrades have also allowed the organization to relocate its food bank and centralize its services under one roof to better serve the community. PRPA contributed $450,000 to this $1.15 million project.

North Coast Ecology Centre opens to the public

The ecological diversity and richness of the region is on display at the new North Coast Ecology Centre. The facility features hands-on exhibits and static displays highlighting native aquatic and land-based species, as well as their habitats. Housed inside a repurposed shipping container at the Lax Süülda Container Market, the Centre was opened with $33,342 in support from PRPA’s Community Investment Fund.

New outdoor classroom and garden

Conrad Elementary School’s classes can safely take their lessons outside, thanks to a partnership between School District 52 and PRPA’s Community Investment Fund. A new outdoor classroom and garden were developed in 2023 to establish a place where students and educators can connect with the outdoors while exploring the changing seasons through Indigenous knowledge bases. Named Syndoonym Na K’oom, meaning ‘Garden of Hope’, it is dedicated to Truth and Reconciliation and provides a space for sharing traditional teachings and practices. PRPA covered half the cost of the $84,000 project.

Increased comfort for patients

Two projects, aimed at improving the comfort of patients receiving care in Prince Rupert, received support from PRPA’s Community Investment Fund in 2023. New hospital beds were purchased for Prince Rupert Regional Hospital and Acropolis Manor long-term care facility. PRPA committed $150,000 to the North Coast Health Improvement Society-led project, in its largest local healthcare investment to date. Colourful decals were also added to common spaces at Acropolis Manor as part of Northern Health’s Dementiability Neighbourhood & Wrap Door project. PRPA provided $15,000 to help make the facility safer and more welcoming, particularly for residents with dementia.

Supporting youth through Rising Tide

The Rising Tide program encourages youth to try new things, whether in sports, education, arts, or culture. In 2023, 10 organizations received funding including: Prince Rupert Volleyball Club, Prince Rupert Rapids Amateur Swim Club, Prince Rupert Minor Softball Association, Prince Rupert Basketball Association, Prince Rupert Skating Club, Prince Rupert Scouts Club, Prince Rupert Minor Hockey, Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association, Prince Ruper Youth Soccer Association, and Change Makers’ Education Society.

Voyage to Excellence

The Voyage to Excellence program rewards youth who have made it to the top of their field with the opportunity to experience higher levels of competition. The program provides grants to local groups who have qualified via zone-based competition to participate in the provincial and national championships. In total, nine organizations received funding through the program in 2023, including: Prince Rupert Volleyball Club, Prince Rupert Middle School Concert & Jazz band, Charles Hays Secondary (CHSS) School Senior Boys Basketball, CHSS Track & Field, CHSS Cross Country team, CHSS Senior Girls Volleyball, Prince Rupert Rapids Amateur Swim Club, Muscle Panda, and Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association.

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club shelters

Two new multifunctional shelters were opened in 2023 to support the only maintained cross-country ski trail network on the north coast. The Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club partnered with PRPA’s Community Investment Fund to develop the structures along the Onion Lake Ski Trails, located halfway between Kitimat and Terrace. The shelters offer users a scenic rest stop equipped with seating for small groups. PRPA committed $27,000 to the project.

New academic awards

PRPA strengthened its support for local students pursuing post-secondary education in northern B.C. with the creation of new academic awards at Coast Mountain College and the University of Northern British Columbia. $1,500 awards will be granted to two students at each institution annually. Preference goes to northern B.C. residents, Indigenous students, those with financial need, and those pursuing a career that will support a port-related industry.


Employing Fiscal Integrity

Sound financial management drives the responsible stewardship of our resources. PRPA’s financial performance is a critical factor that enables investment back into port infrastructure, expansion of our economic and employment base, and the community partners that make the north coast a better place.

Each year, the Prince Rupert Port Authority releases its financial statements. These figures detail our organization’s commitment to the sound and effective use of our assets, year after year.


$62.57 million Total Revenue


$44.56 million Total Expenses


$24.79 million Net Income


$474.68 million Total Assets


$22.41 million Capital Expenditures


$1.49 Income reinvested into the Community Investment Fund

Bright Future


The team at the Prince Rupert Port Authority continues to work to build a better Canada by growing trade. Thank you to our local communities, our shippers, supply chain partners, terminal operators, service contractors, and everyone else who made 2023 a success in each of those areas. A special thank you to all of the people at the terminals, on the water, and on the trains and trucks that are moving Canada’s trade through the Port of Prince Rupert. Together, we are Canada’s leading edge.


2023 Annual Report Summary (PDF) 2023 Financial Statements (PDF)

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